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Just curious, I'm just starting out in 3D design/hobby printing. What is the best software to start with to ensure future compatibility, as well as measurement and part compatibility (like you have with your hundreds of designed parts)?

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I’m using Rhino, but some of my peers use Solidworks, Blender, and even SketchUp. You will likely need some other software to help refine and fix your models- NetFabb (be sure to find the Basic version for free) and MeshLab can help with that. has some great tutorials on reducing your polycount for print and fixing holes in your meshes.

The main thing is that to create consistency, the issue is more about how you organize your files between what is the most current set of files and connectors. Its like debugging code. Its always shifting and being updated, so having a method for making and tracking the fixes will help a lot.

You’ll need some good digital calipers to help you measure printed parts.

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Do you think the 3-D printing technology will ever allow you to produce soft rubber items like capes and long coats?

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We think so.

There’s a material available at Shapeways right now.
They do periodic tests and this one looks like it might be here to stay. We’ve been so busy with the Kickstarter that we haven’t had a chance to make any items for our own tests. I’m not sure it’ll be available for purchase.

The only issue I see is that it’s sort of a yellowish color. I want to see if its dye-able. We’ll see if we can try a test in July. I think it’ll be pretty cool.

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